Seasonal – Easter

At different times of the Christian calendar, the Church celebrates with special services. This year, CCMC will be organising the following special services:

Mothering Sunday – A celebration of our Mothers, and the part that they play in our lives.

Palm Sunday – An exploration of Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem in the week before his death. 25th March 10.30

imageGood Friday Walk of Witness – On Good Friday morning, come and join us as we follow in Jesus’ footsteps to the cross. A short service at the Market House followed by a procession through the town to the top of Lodge Hill (decent shoes recommended!) We carry and place the crosses on the hill as we remember Jesus’ sacrifice. This year 10am at the Market House.





Tennebrae Service – This service on the evening of Good Friday reflects on the pain of Jesus’ death. A powerful and moving service which asks the participant to leave in darkness and silence.



Easter Sunrise Service – At the viewpoint on Lodge Hill, this service celebrates the dawn of Easter Sunday. Join us as we greet the dawn of Jesus’ resurrection with singing – followed by a hearty breakfast!






Easter Morning Family Service – Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in this lively and joyful service! This Year 09:30am.